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Football Riverina Appeals Processes and Information

The cost of appeals to Football Riverina is $600 with $200 refund if the appeal is upheld. The $600 fee must be paid at the time of lodging the appeal.

$600 fee will be refunded if the appeal is denied.

Process and grounds for appeal requests are:

  1. -     Appeals must be made to the Association first, then to Riverina. If the Association is unable or unwilling to proceed with the appeal (eg if they are one of the parties involved), then it comes to Riverina.

  1. -     Process - Clubs / Associations must follow their association appeal process in the first instance, before they request an appeal from Football Riverina

  1. -    Clubs / Associations can appeal to FNSW only after they have followed the appeal process/s above.

  1. -    Cubs / Associations lodging an appeal request are to submit on club / association letterhead clearly stating the grounds of appeal. All relevant information to support the appeal request (letters / minutes / notice of findings from previous appeal) must be lodged at the same time.

-     An independant appeals panel will review all information supplied and determine if there are grounds for the appeal to proceed or if the appeal request should be denied.

-          Grounds for appeal:

1        Failure to afford procedural fairness

2        Lack of jurisdiction

3        Insufficient evidence

4        Incorrect interpretation of the by-laws or


5        Involves a question of principal of importance to


6        Severity

  1. -    The secretary will notify clubs / associations if the appeal is denied with a report from the panel outlining their reasons why they have arrived at this decision.

  1. -    If an appeal is granted the secretary will notify clubs / associations of the appeal date / venue and time that the appeal will be held.

-     After an appeal is held, the secretary will supply in writing to all parties involved, the outcome of the appeal. This will include a report from the appeals panel outlining their findings.


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